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About Verify 3D

For any successful renovation or construction project, completely accurate information about the site is necessary. Whether you’re starting from scratch or making changes to an existing structure, good measurements, drawings, and models are crucial to the cost-effectiveness and timeliness of the project. Verify 3D uses 3D laser scanning to create complete, accurate drawings and models at a fraction of the cost of other industry-standard methods.

Verify 3D LLC is owned and operated by Ryan Darling, a seasoned professional with 16 years experience performing and managing hundreds of laser scanning projects. From deep underground mines to the decks of naval ships and complicated power plants, Ryan has delivered accurate CAD models of existing conditions to a diverse clientele. With a proven track record in a wide range of environments, Ryan can use his high quality Leica Scanners to measure almost any structure and deliver useful products in most CAD formats.


“The Best Data Scan"

“That was the best scan data we’ve dealt with and will be using you from here on out!  It’s great having someone with a survey background that knows what exactly we are looking for!"

Matt J.

“Ryan's Knowledge and Expertise"

''I have the deepest respect for Ryan’s knowledge and expertise in drawing together all aspects of 3D laser scanning, CAD, & Surveying. When integration of the three disciplines is required Ryan is one of the best crafts people that I have had the pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Ryan, for any project regardless of size or complexity."

Michael M.

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