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Why are buildings so expensive? Among several factors, nearly flat productivity increases in the construction trades for the past half century. Can this be changed?

Major projects begin with a feasibility study: Can we build what we want at reasonable time and cost? Depending on the project many factors might affect feasibility, including the location and dimensions of existing components. A fish hatchery is more complicated than you might think. 

Three massive superstructures, built in South Florida and too big to move by land, must be fitted to a pier on the Mississippi River. They must be built to within 1/8” of the design specifications. This problem is only one of several examples solved by clever laser scanning.

Actually, the building is over 170,000 sq. ft., but we took the title of the article directly from Zillow’s page for the property, which is an abandoned YMCA residence hall, 12 stories tall.

The Hotel St. Cloud is one of eighty buildings in downtown Cañon City, Colorado that are officially Historic Places. An historic building for every 210 persons in this small town. Renovating such a structure that’s been standing empty for years takes clever work by the new owners, the architects, and the engineers to modernize yet maintain its historic charm.


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