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How To Use The Technology

First, The Best Starting Point. In construction projects, everyone needs, early on, accurate information about the site. Whether starting from scratch or making changes to an existing structure, good measurements, drawings, and models are necessary. With 3D laser scanning, Verify 3D creates complete, accurate drawings and models at a tiny fraction of the cost of any other method. We adjust various parameters such as density of scan to give the best price-performance. If we know what your project is about, we can create the most valuable starting documents, be they drawings, CAD models, point clouds, et al.

Second, Verifying Construction. Things don’t always go as planned. How many RFIs occur on a typical, large construction project? Each one represents an error of some sort. The longer it takes to discover the error, the more expensive it becomes to correct it. Verify 3D matches the actual construction to the design and identifies any discrepancies. Tell us about your project, and we’ll show you how to make the best use of the technology to cut the time and cost to build.

A closely related use of the technology verifies construction in multiple locations. Suppose an engineering firm in Florida designs a complex machine that includes many pipes, valves, motors, and pumps. A fabrication firm in Spokane, Washington builds the machine. And another organization will install it, and its 17 siblings, in a refinery in Dubai. Verify 3D can give the project manager a certain peace of mind, adjusting our approach to match conditions:

A. In Spokane, scan the completed machines and compare the actual to the design documents.

B. In Dubai, scan the places where the machines will be installed. Compare one to another to identify any places the machines are mismatched to their intended locations. In either case, the cost of laser scanning and computer comparison is far less than the cost of correcting just one of the 18 machines once it’s reached Dubai.