Time & Cost Savings

You will save money and time when you use this technology properly. As you read that sentence, you may have thought, “Prove it.” We’ll do our best.

Construction projects can suffer delays in every phase of the project: design, engineering, construction, and approvals. Every delay costs money, sometimes a lot of money. Often, the delay is due to misinformation or the lack of information:

  • The architect does not have accurate as-built drawings for his design to expand the building.
  • The engineers are missing information about the components of the building that must be re-engineered.
  • The constructors encounter conflicts between what has already been built and the specifications for what they are charged to build. RFIs delay the project.
  • The numerous regulatory agencies and jurisdictions delay their approvals because they lack the required information.

In our experience. the cost of laser scanning is between one-quarter and one-twenty-fifth of the savings. Put another way, laser scanning saves between four and twenty-five times the cost of the technology. Verify 3D has been working in the field for more than a decade, and we see the same results repeated over and over.

These are the most common ways the technology is saving money, however, there are quite a few more. See our web page “How to Use the Technology

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