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VERIFY 3D Library 


We help Architects verify as-built conditions quickly and accurately.

A remote, elegant house on a lake and an architect’s project to remodel and expand it without any measured drawings of the place.

Why are buildings so expensive? Among several factors, nearly flat productivity increases in the construction trades for the past half century. Can this be changed?

New buildings are designed and built to current building codes. Be wary of big changes to very old buildings. They must be brought up to current code, and therein sits a money pit.

How does one meld late 19th century opulence with 21st century convenience? The Johnson Nathan Strohe firm in Denver is showing how it’s done on a hotel that hosted three US Presidents including Teddy Roosevelt

In 2019, 100 persons moved to Nashville, Tennessee, every day. The opportunities were so numerous that contractors declined to bid on projects unless accurate, measured drawings or CAD models were available to them. How did that happen?

Actually, the building is over 170,000 sq. ft., but we took the title of the article directly from Zillow’s page for the property, which is an abandoned YMCA residence hall, 12 stories tall.

The Hotel St. Cloud is one of eighty buildings in downtown Cañon City, Colorado that are officially Historic Places. An historic building for every 210 persons in this small town. Renovating such a structure that’s been standing empty for years takes clever work by the new owners, the architects, and the engineers to modernize yet maintain its historic charm.

Old Faithful Lodge is more than a cozy place for a respite from your trek through Yellowstone. It’s 33,400 square feet of services for many thousands of visitors each year. Verify 3D scanned the interior, the exterior, and all of the HVAC, mechanics, plumbing, and electric wiring above the ceiling tiles.

As you can imagine, original measured drawings don’t exist, and if they did exist, they would not be worth much; the building has suffered neglect and many changes in the past 98+ years. As a part of due diligence, the investor must estimate the cost of all the alterations needed to bring the building up to code, (See our article, Code Cost) and to make it suitable for occupancy and the investor’s intentions.


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